Aeolian Villas in Filicudi

Aeolian Villas in Filicudi island on lodging in summer.

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gotitcheck100 m2  (About 1077 square feet) gotitcheck2 Rooms gotitcheck1 Kitchen  gotitcheck2 Bathrooms with showers  gotitcheck Sleeps up to 6 people   gotitcheck Ceiling Fans  gotitcheckPrivate Parking near the house    gotitcheckBarbecue gotitcheckSea View  gotitcheckat a 10 minutes walk to the beach  gotitcheck Near the Church and Postal Office gotitcheck a a 10 minutes walk from restaurant and pizzerias  gotitcheckTerraces and patios for 105m2  - 1130 square feets. gotitcheckWi-Fi

Villa Patty is a wonderful villa in Aeolian architectural style surrounded by wide patios and terraces and a mediterranean garden with lemon and olive trees, situated in Fossetta, a fraction of Pecorini next to the Church on the south side of Filicudi Island. (check the map of the island showing the exact position of the house).
The patios and terraces follow the Aeolian architectural style with white columns and masonry benches, named "bisuoli" in Sicilian dialect.

Le terrazza di villa patty. Il lato mare, a sud.

IMG 7718-casa-patty-filicudi-2015 1200px webFrom the villa you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean sea and the coast of Sicily. From the terrace on the roof of the villa, the view is 360 degrees on the valley that surrounds the house. 
In summer, the night is clear and from the terraces you can admire the clear sky studded with stars, the Milky Way that moves slowly from east to west, and many shooting stars are visible thanks to the minimum light pollution of the island.

In the evenings by the clear sky the sparkle of lights of the coast of Sicily and the silhouette of Mount Etna offer a breathtaking spectacle.

Villa Patty is a villa that can sleep 6 or 7 people. However 4 people is the perfect number. 6 in the case of families with children or groups of friends.

It has a master bedroom with double bed, and bathroom with shower room.

Between the master bedroom and the kitchen there is a living room with two couches in masonry, which at night can be used as beds. In the same room there is also a mezzanine with a double bed. The living room leads to a second bathroom, equipped with a comfortable shower, a toilet, a bidet, sink and washing machine.

Adjacent to this room a sliding door leads to the kitchen, which also has a door onto the terrace. It is divided into a kitchenette with appliances and a breakfast area, where you can add one or two beds instead of the table. In summer the whole communal living, breakfast, lunches and dinners will take place on the wide terrace in front, enjoying the atmosphere of the night with a sky full of stars and the view of the Sicilian coast which is reflected on the sea.

The kitchen is equipped with an electric oven and a microwave oven.

The house in total has two bathrooms both with shower toilet bidet and washbasin.

The house has two entrances. One to the south (at a distance of a few meters there is our private parking and exclusive for guests of the villa) and one to the north, where a short private path takes you to the asphalt road that leads from one side to the church and Pecorini on the other hand it leads to the Canalel, the  "Rocca di Ciauli", and then to other areas of the island and to Porto.

In the terrace there is a barbecue ready for roasting all the fish that will be fishing, or you could easily buy directly from the fishermen at the port.

The location of the villa is strategic: in the middle of everything, but in a peaceful hamlet.

From the upper terrace looking north you have this life (it is a panoramic photo of about 180 °):

Looking south you see the Mediterranean Sea and the northern coast of Sicily, with Etna volcano emerging through the clouds on clear days.

Ed ecco una foto del lato sud dell'isola centrata su Pecorini.
And here's a photo of the south side of the island centered on Pecorini.
Looking at just below the church, which is at the center approximately in beige, there is a group of houses, the right of which there is another close to green bushes: our houses are there. Exactly vertically over the © symbol of the caption.

Il lato sud di Filicudi, con le contrade di Pecorini mare, chiesa, fossetta, stimpagnato.

The house is a 10-minute walk from the sea on the ancient path between the Church of Pecorini and Pecorini Mare beach. It is 300 meters from the sea by linear distance, 600 meters along the path.
With a 20-minute walk you arrive - following the trails - to the beach "of Tips", in Capo Graziano and up to the prehistoric village open behind the beach.
From there in 10 minutes you walk you will arrive at Porto.
Villa Patty, with a quiet walk of 7 minutes flat you will find many typical restaurants and pizzerias.

Map of the villa

Pianta di Villa Patty a Filicudi

Note that the room labeled "den" in the bottom left of the map is not part of the villa and it is not for rental. It shares with the house "Patty" only the south entrance, and it is under the level of the terrace of the villa.

In the back of the villa there is a large terrace with a small garden and the typical bisuoli that is the masonry benches.

As mentioned earlier, climbing on the roof leads to a further terrace with breathtaking views.


The kitchen, with microwave, stove with four burners, fridge. Note the antique wood oven that now is only for decorative purposes.

The large terraces Aeolian, in a moment of evening relaxation before dinner .:

Terrazze di casa Patty pronte per la cena!

Le terrazza di villa patty. Il lato mare, a sud.

Here is a detail of the house terraces, south facing, half-covered for those who prefer the shade, and half exposed to the sun for sunbathers
The doors that you see in the picture are: on the left the kitchen,on the center the living room with the  mezzanine, while on the right is the master bed room.

terrazza2 lato sud

The terraces north side and the back garden:
lato nord

The back of the house seen from another perspective. Again the terraces are not all covered by canes because so those who like sunbathing can do it in the sunny terrace and those who prefer the shade can find it in the same terrace.
terrazze lato nord

The roof terrace. In the picture it is not evident, but the view from there is 360 degrees and includes the mountains and the sea, Sicily and Etna.
Looking at the stars and listening to the silence from there is truly mystical.

terrazza tetto

Following are some photos of the master bed room or one on the right in the plant.
The right door leads to the ensuite bathroom.

stanza matrimoniale

Still the master double bedroom:
stanza matrimoniale

letto matrimoniale

Details of the master double bedroom:

The bathroom ensuite of the master double bedroom:
bagno retro

The shower:
doccia stanza matrimoniale

Following are some photos of the central living room characterized by the loft/mezzanine.

The stairway to the mezzanine in the central room, equipped with a double bed that can be split into two single beds on request.
scala accesso soppalco

Here is the bed on the mezzanine.
soppalco stanza centrale

Interior of the the central room.
The couches in masonry can be used as a beds at night!

la stanza centrale

The central room with satellite TV for a clear reception and a selection of Italian and foreign channels.
Beyond the arc there is the kitchen and the  breakfast area.
Please note that in summer 2015 the arch was restored and equipped with a sliding door to ensure privacy of those who sleep in the central room (or extra bed in the kitchen).

angolo tv in stanza centrale

Here is a detail of the kitchen. This area is used as a corner for breakfast in the cold months, while in summer is generally preferred to have breakfast outside in the shade of the terraces, so that this area can accommodate one or two beds.

zona cucina colazione

A view of the sliding door between the living room and the kitchen!

la pota scorrevole tra il soggiorno e la cucina

The kitchenette and sinks in Sicilian style.
particolari zona cottura

This photo shows the bathroom at the back of Patty house, accessible from the living room with mezzanine.
bagno sul retro

And its shower:
doccia del bagno retro

This staircase leads to the path that crosses Fossetta and that leads to the left to the driveway and the large private parking while proceeding to the right you will soon come to the church or the sea of Pecorini.

The door on the right at the bottom of the stairs leading to a very small room that is not rented with the rest of the house.
scala sud


3 rooms (separated by doors from each other and all accessible from the front terrace.

),  sleeps :

up to seven. Optimum : 4. Gorgeous view of the mediterranean sea.  3 wide terraces and a garden (no english grass lawns  althoug, that's Filicudi!).
Peaceful and relaxing context.
Private driving route up to a few meters from the house that leads to a private parking lot.
Fully equipped kitchen (fridge-freezer, stove and oven, microwave, washing machine, ceiling fans)
English, French and Italian and sicilian  spoken.

Availability for summer 2021

- it's available from 1 to 30 september 2021





[Check availability calendar] Villa Cactus is an elegant and spacious aeolian style house which can accomodate up  8 people in 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with shower, a kitchen and 2 very large spectacular terraces overlooking the mediterranean sea and in the distance Sicily and the Etna volcano.
There's wifi internet access from the terraces!
In front of the house there is also a beautiful garden with lemon trees, almond trees, olive trees. It is located in Fossetta, a fraction of Pecorini in the southern side of Filicudi Island.

Veduta del lato sud di casa Cactus dalla terrazza a sud. Isola di Filicudi.

The villa consists of a kitchen, two spacious bedrooms on the ground floor, and a more intimate  but delicious room on the mezzanine floor above the kitchen, accessible via a staircase from the central room.

La terrazza col cactus, affacciata sulmare.
The villa is located in Pecorini, in Fossetta district about 150 meters above sea level., just below the church Pecorini, at 300meters from the sea in lienar distance, that's a 600 meters and 5 to 10 minutes walk from the beaches of Pecorini along a panoramic ancient walking trail.

 Panoramica dalla terrazza guardando ad ovest.

From the patio along three steps you get to a second panoramic terrace, at the center of which there's a huge cactus plant with an age of over 35 years, which gives its name to the villa, and invites the guests to rest in the afternoon in his shadow.

In the garden next to the house you will find: an almond tree, a carob tree, a cactus, laurel trees, giant, sage, rosemary, a lemon tree, a medlar tree ... and so on ...

Here is a picture of a 180-degree terrace on a winter day (so without summer outdoor furniture).

Il baglio di Villa Cactus (in versione invernale senza arredi esterni)

The villa has two entrances, a north one on the pecorini-canale foot trail and another entrance on the west side that opens onto the garden and leads to a private and exclusive clearing  which is easily reached by car or on foot via a short road which leads to the main - and only - paved road of the island of Filicudi. A pricate parking is important because without a private car park in summer you can not land in a car in Filicudi!

Here is a picture of the south of Filicudi side or the districts of Pecorini, Stimpagnato, Channel and the mountains above.

The south side of Filicudi, the districts of Pecorini Sea, church, dimple, Stimpagnato are shown.

Map of the house:

Pianta di Villa Cactus in affitto a Filicudi

The south elevation of the villa

Prospetto Sud della villa

The central room

The central room is large 24 square meters (about 258 square feets).
It has a double bed and on request an extra bed or can be arranged with 3 separate single beds only.

The central room has a door leading to the kitchen, a door leading in the other bedroom, and a visible scale on the right in the picture that leads to the bedroom on the mezzanine.

Here is a wide-angle photo of the room..
Foto grandangolare della stanza centrale di casa cactus a Filicudi.

The room is wide around 5 meters (3.28 feets).

Stanza centrale di casa cactus.

Here is a picture of the room when it is only furnished with a double bed.

La stanza centrale di casa cactus con un solo letto matrimoniale.

Here is a picture of the other half of the central room that overlooks the terrace.
Note: there's no TV in the house, although it is present in the picture.Sorry.

Lato sud affacciato sulla terrazza della stanza centrale di casa cactus a Filicudi

The room on the mezzanine floor

Here is the upstairs room, which also has an en-suite bathroom with shower, a small desk, a wardrobe, bedside tables and a small refrigerator.

It is smaller than the rooms on the ground floor but it is nevertheless very comfortable.
From one of the two windows you can see the sea and the north coast of Sicily.

camera superiore

interno camera superiore

The interior of the bedroom on the upper floor.
There 's also the shower, but it did not fit in the picture!

bagno camera superiore

The "Yellow" room in Cactus Villa

Even this room, at the west end of the cactus house, is very large - about 23 square meters (about  247 square feets) - to give you maximum comfort.The room also has a very high ceiling.
It is equipped with a double bed and a single.

It has a private en-suite bathroom and a ceiling fan.

Scorcio della stanza Gialla - quella ad ovest - in villa cactus.

Scorcio dells stanza. Visibile l'accesso alla stanza da bagno.

Interior details of a bathroom:

Uno dei  3 servizi

The kitchen

The kitchen is not as large as the other rooms, but it is comfortable and convenient. It is equipped with a dishwasher a + class, gas cooker with a gas oven, a refrigerator with freezer, a microwave oven. On request we also give an ice cream maker machine..

In summer you'll have lunch and dinner in the patio so the kitchen is really just a place to cook comfortably.

Cucina villa cactus a filicudi

The exterior of the house.

The Aeolian architectural style Patio  - called "Baglio" - with white columns and masonry benches.
Cactus home. This is the first of two large terraces in front of the villa, both facing south and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Sicily.

The typical day's guest house Cactus takes place in this panoramic terrace lulled by the breeze from the sea, watching the northern coast of Sicily which is reflected on the sea waves, and at night the Milky Way and the moon that cross the sky from east to west, while the voices of the fishermen on the sea surface distant echo.

The Aeolian architectural style Patio  - called "Baglio" - with white columns and masonry benches.

The part of the patio in front of the "yellow" room.

IMG 1506-dettaglio-terrazza-pergolata-casa-cactus-2014-650px

Here is another picture of the same terrace.

Terrazza Pergolata di casa Cactus a Filicudi -

The part of the patio in front of the central room. Here's the access to the southern terrace of the house, the one with the huge  cactus. That panoramica terrace has no canopy, so it's perfect to sunbathing or watch the stars and the milky way at night. Some shadow is provided by the huge cactus.

La seconda terrazza di casa cactus, con vista sul mare e la sicilia

Here is the view of the day from the terrace to the south, the one with the cactus.
It's a wideangle panoramic picture.

La vista di giorno dalla terrazza di casa cactus.

Features of Villa Cactus:

Sleeps: up to 8 people
Bedrooms: 2 large + 1 mid-sized
Bathrooms: 3 (with showers and bidet)
Square Meters:140 (about 1528 square feets)
Minimum-stay: 1 Week
Private parking lot available for free to our guests
Small kitchen  yet fully equipped (fridge-freezer, stove and gas oven, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave)
Sea distance: 5-10minutes walk from pecorini Mare, 20 minutes from "Le punte" Beach.

Availability calendar Summer 2022:

Villa Cactus is available in the following periods:
from  1 May to  30 July 2022
From  1 September to 31 september 2022

For information about stays in other periods contact us!

Prices per week
June 1500€/week
July  1800€/week
August 2000€/week
September 1800€ / 1500€/week


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