Bancomat ATM a filicudi

A Filicudi there are two ATMs, one of which is the bancoposta.

They are located on the seafront of Porto (Porto, not Pecorini), near the ticket office and the roundabout in the harbor.

Filicudi's Automatic Bank ATM (ATM for Anglofons) is not always working or it happens that the withdrawal is unavailable.
This can be a problem for many of you who decide to come on the island by counting on the site.

Tourist warned rescued: In August that ATM usually ends up cash withdrawable in a moment, though it can be stocked frequently.
The closest ATM I think is in Salina and certainly in Lipari.

Pick-up from ATM is not easy in August at Filicudi because there are tons of users.
Consider bringing enough cash for your stay in the island, or please take your cash before arriving to filicudi, perhaps in Milazzo, Lipari or Salina.

The "Kite" studio or "Aquilone (in italian)"

A delightful studio for 2/3 people, very large, with a double bed and a single bed.

It is very large and spacious, fully furnished, with a very equipped kitchen area (fridge, microwave, kitchen, coffee maker, cutlery, various cooking utensils!).
It is equipped with air conditioning and also ceiling fan.


Interno di Aquilone

Here are some photos of the "kite" studio in Filicudi fossetta (reference 1 in the picture below), located in Pecorini right below the church (Ref. 3).

filicudi fossetta

And here's a wide-angle photo of that side of the island:

Il lato sud di Filicudi, con le contrade di Pecorini mare, chiesa, fossetta, stimpagnato.

It is a very quiet, noisy area, comfortably accessible.
It does not have roads paved with machines that can disturb you. The parking available to guests is about 50 meters and the asphalt road only reaches the.
Do you hate traffic? You will not hear anything!

In 10-15 minutes you will come to the sea on foot along the 600 meters of the ancient and picturesque mule track that connects the Church of Pecorini to Pecorini Mare!
In about 20 minutes you will reach the wonderful "Le punte" beach in Capo Graziano.

In the following photo I highlighted in yellow the construction of which Aquilone is part.
Upstairs is the studio "Libellula".


foto monolocali

Same photo, wider view:

monolocali fossetta visti da ovest

The "Kite" studio is very spacious internally and very fresh but does not have a terrace, and has no view of the sea from the windows.

The photo below shows the Kite's studio, with the kitchen sideboard.
The fridge and the cooking and cooking plans are visible on the right.

It is equipped with a large heat pump air conditioner that cools in summer and in winter guarantees the heating of the environment.

Not that air conditioning is needed, because the environment is naturally cool, but if you just want to see the penguins go home ... it's at your disposal!

Also on the ceiling there is a big fan that is more than enough, as the house is naturally cool.


angolo pranzo

Other shots of the same environment.

The sleeping area with double bed.
To the right the door leads to the toilet.


Here you can see the entrance on the south side.
The third bed is near the closet on the right.


The "kitchen" area, exposed to the south, but is partially in the shade of the house in front.
This helps to keep the house naturally cool but bright!

Bathroom interior.

View of the terrace by the front door, south side.

The view of the sea is partial, as it is blocked by the plants in front of the garden, not of relevance of the house and therefore not at your disposal.


terrazzino esterno

View of the entrance from the top (from the Libellula studio, upstairs).

terrazzino visto da libellula

In order to enter the kite you will walk about ten easy steps on the perimeter of the house, a typical Aeolian setting.
In the photo you notice the two kite windows on the top floor of the dragonfly with its terrace.

Esterno di Libellula ed Aquilone.

Summer Availability 2018

Available fom june to septemer,

except ta days in te calendar.


How is the climate of the Aeolian Islands

Great! Well yes! it's great!
Forget the greyness of the city ', the mists of the valleys, winter uninterrupted rain!

Here it is okay, all year round! Eh! Eh! Eh!


The sun sets, July is warm but not too much, August is definitely warm with the water that invites to dive at any time, but already since 20 August the air refreshes, preparing for a wonderful September, generally Characterized by alternating hot summer days (but in the evening it will be a sweatshirt) and others with rains and thunderstorms, which make the island fantastic with the cliffs kissed by the foam of the horsemen!


It is not always hot, although it is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, the climate is necessarily tempered: the sea in fact mitigates the excesses.
Some friends wonder why there is often a strong wind in winter. They are called Aeolians for this ... Aeolus was the God of Wind in Greek mythology.
In December and January they can cool, average temperatures range from 10 ° C to 14 ° C depending on the season, but at night there may be minimum 2 ° C peaks. Once we would have considered them atypical. But for some years time is changing, winters are stiffer and warmer summers.
Even in the winter when the sun is at Filicudi it's hot: it's not unusual to have to put on a shirt in winter afternoons.
The average temperatures (for what they may be worth) are:

Average temps in winter:

December-January 14 ° C
Spring: April / May: 20 ° C

Average temps in Summer:

June - July: 27 ° C
August: 30 ° (normally with min 24 ° and max 37 ° in the hottest hours)
September- 25 °

Autumn: October-November: 21 ° C


The rains are rare but not atypical. Let's say between 50 and 80 days of rain a year.
In the summer (from June to September) rain can not even arrive for months, with obvious problems for local farming. The average number of rainy days in July is 0.6 days!
December and January are very rainy (the green island, rich in vegetables, plants, flowers ... a show!).
On average, December and January each have 11 days of rainy weather.

The winds are strong, as the Aeolian name says, the lands of Aeolus, the God of the Winds. The predominant winds are the maestral from the northwest) and the Scirocco (from the Southeast, often directly from Africa!).

Do you want to choose the right time to come to Filicudi or the Aeolian Islands not to die hot and cold?
June and July! August is hotter, but if you like the sea, as I suppose, it's perfect to relax by the sea all day!

September is a fantastic month, my favorite to see the island, take pictures of stunning sunsets, and the waves. Great for relaxing, reading books, strolling in the beautiful mule tracks, fishing ... in short, it's great!

We come for the sea: when can we swim?

I would always say! A few years I took a bath on Easter, swiming in the semi-deserted Cape Graziano's beach!
Statistically, swimming in the sea  can be started by mid-May, and it's up until October!

The snow at Filicudi?

Unusual event ... I only saw the snow in Filicudi 3 times  in 30 years, at the sea level .. Please enjoy some of my photos in the photo gallery!
However, with the ongoing climate change (ciao Trump!) , snow has also come to Filicudi in recent years as the weather is going crazy.
In January you can see hail, but that is a fairly rare event.

Sunbathing. When?

Again the answer is often if not always!
Even in the middle of December, when there's the sun ... it's hot!
If you find a spot sheltered by the wind, you can sunbathe quietly!

Do you like some more synthetic facts about the climate in Filicudi? Here you are!

 Filicudi jan. Feb. Mar Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
T.max average (°c) 14 15 16 18 22 27 30 31 28 23 19 16
T.min. average (°c) 10 10 11 12 16 20 24 25 22 19 14 10
Number of rainy days 11 10 9 9 4 2 2 3 6 9 11 11
Humidity (%) 70 70 70 68 67 64 64 66 70 71 75 73

Caveat emptor!

Do not make the mistake of coming in September or winter thinking that here it never rains!
Umbrella and k-way are always very useful!

Did that say ... what are you waiting for?
Go to the contact section, and let's know!
Filicudi awaits you!

Alicudi tra la nebbia vista da Filicudi al tramonto.

My name is Roberto Zingales, I live in Catania and I was crawling on Filicudi's rocks when I was 2 years old ... ;-)

Well .. the merit is not mine, but my parents, who more than thirty years ago fell in love visiting the island on a sailing boat to the Aeolian islands, and decided to buy a house there!
Later, they bought two other Eolian houses, and my mother, Paola, has been living in Filicudi for about 10 years now ... badly endorsing the idea of setting foot on the mainland ... or outside her adorable islet.

Next to the houses it cares for its horticulture, with traditional plants of Sicily such as citrus fruits and exotic plants, such as Feijoas, avocados and other tropical delicacies very tasty.

My sister, Margherita, a full-time veterinarian, is now an adoptive Filicudara and she just flees from the city and "flies" to Filicudi to relax and sunbathe even in the winter!
Nothing is more relaxing than a total break in all the town's customs and habits, and for this Filicudi is the ideal place!

Around our homes, our father has planted an olive grove in the decades that now produces an excellent olive oil of an intense green as its taste reflects the strong nature of the island.
He is an old sea wolf and he discovered in the 1960s the island of Filicudi where he decided to take root.

We later decided to rent our houses to friend and tourists.
In 2012 we created a society, Vento Di Filicudi s.r.l , to manage better the summer lodging.

In summer you can find us all in Filicudi, having fun.

Our homes are for holiday rentals, only for the summer months from June to September, and are located in Fossetta, a small fraction of Pecorini.

We hope to have you among our guests at Filicudi and maybe have a delicious cold malvasia together at Saloon after a hot summer day.


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Le ricette della cucina eoliana e filicudara.

Ecco a voi l'indice delle ricette della cucina eoliana e ovviamente di quella filicudara che troverete tra queste pagine.
Sono ricette facili, con ingredienti che una volta erano considerati poveri, ma oggi sono a pieno titolo raffinatezze e prelibatezze: pensate al tonno fresco di giornata, ai gamberi rossi crudi, a cereali desueti come la cicerchia, al cappero isolano di taglia mini o all'olio extra vergine d'oliva estratto a freddo da olivi di Filicudi...


Ricette di antipasti tipici della cucina siciliana,  eoliana e filicudara

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Pictues and details about houses and condos on lodge in the summer in Filicudi Island. English content.

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Aeolian apartments, studios in Filicudi. As usual in the traditional Filicudi house style and typical furniture.

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