Filicudi Island is one of the 7 aeolian islands. It's the second one from west.
The aeolian island are off the northern coast of Sicily, in south Italy.
It's easy to get there from Palermo, Naples, or more usually from Milazzo, near Messina.

The aeolian islands are here!

mappa isole Eolie
Map of Filicudi Island

In this map, we've circled in blue the main diving spots of Filicudi island coast.

Main roads suitable for cars are shown in yellow.

Pathways are shown in black and are not suitable for cars or other vehicles.

We are here!

House  Cactus, House Patty, House Libellula and House  Casa Cielo Stellato  are in Fossetta locality ( "contrada Fossetta" in the map), shown by the red dot on the map.
We are at a 10 minutes walk from Pecorini Beah, at a 10 minutes walk from typical restaurants and pizzerias,  at a 25 minutes walk from the wonderful "Le Punte Beach".

Filicudi Island Map - walking paths and street.

Click on the following image to see a detailed picture of Filicudi Pecorini showing the positions of our houses.
The picture shows the island of Filicudi from the southern sea.

Vista della costa sud di Filicudi

 La posizione delle nostre case a Filicudi pecorini.