My name is Roberto Zingales, I live in Catania and I was crawling on Filicudi's rocks when I was 2 years old ... ;-)

Well .. the merit is not mine, but my parents, who more than thirty years ago fell in love visiting the island on a sailing boat to the Aeolian islands, and decided to buy a house there!
Later, they bought two other Eolian houses, and my mother, Paola, has been living in Filicudi for about 10 years now ... badly endorsing the idea of setting foot on the mainland ... or outside her adorable islet.

Next to the houses it cares for its horticulture, with traditional plants of Sicily such as citrus fruits and exotic plants, such as Feijoas, avocados and other tropical delicacies very tasty.

My sister, Margherita, a full-time veterinarian, is now an adoptive Filicudara and she just flees from the city and "flies" to Filicudi to relax and sunbathe even in the winter!
Nothing is more relaxing than a total break in all the town's customs and habits, and for this Filicudi is the ideal place!

Around our homes, our father has planted an olive grove in the decades that now produces an excellent olive oil of an intense green as its taste reflects the strong nature of the island.
He is an old sea wolf and he discovered in the 1960s the island of Filicudi where he decided to take root.

We later decided to rent our houses to friend and tourists.
In 2012 we created a society, Vento Di Filicudi s.r.l , to manage better the summer lodging.

In summer you can find us all in Filicudi, having fun.

Our homes are for holiday rentals, only for the summer months from June to September, and are located in Fossetta, a small fraction of Pecorini.

We hope to have you among our guests at Filicudi and maybe have a delicious cold malvasia together at Saloon after a hot summer day.