[Check availability] gotitcheck24 m gotitcheckWide Terrace : 48m2 gotitcheckSea View gotitcheckLocated in Pecorini, near the Church gotitcheck1 Apartment in traditional Aeolian House gotitcheckKitchen Coin gotitcheck Gas Oven gotitcheck Microwave gotitcheck1 Bathroom  gotitcheck 1 double bed gotitcheckWi-Fi  gotitcheck Ceiling Fan  gotitcheckPrivate parking lot    gotitcheckSea View gotitcheck10 minutes walk from the beach of Pecorini  gotitcheck Near the Catholic Church and Post Office gotitcheck 10 minute walk from restaurants and pizzerias  gotitcheckShower gotitcheck Bidet

La terrasse sud de jour

"Starry sky" - the english translation of  "cielo stellato" -  is a lovely spacious studio and bright, with a large terrace with sea view and of Sicily, in a quiet area of ​​the island, a small Aeolian village in Contrada Fossetta near the Church of the island of Filicudi Pecorini, at a ten minutes walk from the sea of ​​Pecorini.

The view is stunning both day and night. It's at the center of Pecorini valley,  facing south on the blue sea and facing Sicily with its lights that sparkle at night over the sea on the horizon, giving a memorable show to our guests .

It's 'independent, it consists of a room, a very large terrace with outdoor cooking area (under a traditional pergola shading), a closet "service" on the north side and in winter it becomes internal cooking area, and a bathroom with shower, toilet, bidet and washbasin.

It is easily accessible from the driveway from the north side, and through the municipal trail Pecorini-Canale innervating the Fossetta houses.
From both entrances you will have the opportunity to park cars or motorcycles ( parking lot  availability is important to be allowed to come on the island in the summer with cars or motorcycles).

By day, the terrace is ideal for sunbathing.
The location is really nice!

Panorama of Pecorini and Fossetta. The group of houses circled in red is the one in which there is "Starry Night".


We are here, in the red circle.

Panorama di Filicudi Pecorini e Fossetta. 2007

And here's a picture of all that wide-angle side of the island, facing south.
Il lato sud di Filicudi, con le contrade di Pecorini mare, chiesa, fossetta, stimpagnato.

Here's a view of "cielo Stellato" as seen from the garden of "Cactus House".

Vista dalla casa Cactus

The interiors

Here's a pic of the interiors of the main room. There's a double bed on traditional aeolian  L'ampio letto su tradizionali aeolian iron stands.

The yellow door leads to a hallway which in winter is used as a kitchenette, and which offers a second entrance to the  house on the mountain side (NORTHEN), and which overlooks the small garden and patio.
Interno casa Cielo Stellato a Filicudi. 2018

A desktop table on which to read or write to use as a support surface for a laptop computer, radio and mini-library are at your disposal.

There is no TV.

Another interior photo, the high ceiling has wooden beams, and you can't  see (but are there!!) the large fan blades on the ceiling, to further cool the already cool place.
If you wish there's a bed mosquito net from the ceiling.

Interno di casa Cielo Stellato, stanza da letto.

From your bed you can see the terrace over the sea!

The large roof terrace

Here is the large terrace, shot from the roof of the neighboring house ("Maison Patty").
Half of the terrace is covered and shaded during the day, but the other half and 'intentionally left uncovered for sunbathing and at night to see the stars and the view.
In front of the terrace, the sea, and you can see Sicily and Etna.
On the east side of the roof terrace there is a sliding curtain to open or close at will during the day.
Here are some night photos from the terrace!



IMG 8404-cielo-stellato-terrazza-by-night-2009

July 26, 2009, the almost full moon reflects on the sea on the silhouette of Montagnola and the houses of Stimpagnato.
In the foreground, the starry sky terrace.

Another glimpse of the same terrace, at night.
In the background you can see the houses of Canale, in Filicudi.

La terrazza di cielo stellato, guardando verso est, di notte

Nothing better than a romantic dinner under the stars, pampered by the sea breeze, observing the lights of the fishermen's boats, enjoying the flickering of the lights of the Sicilian coast and of the villages on the Nebrodi mountains. Etna triumphs from the top of its 3000 meters, crowning the profile of the north coast of Sicily.

La terrazza di cielo stellato, guardando verso sud, di notte

A glimpse of the cooking area, very simple but complete and above all fresh, being outside!
During the day the reed cover shades and cools!
But the front of the terrace is not covered, to let you enjoy the spectacle of the stars and the Milky Way in the cool of the evening and night!

Zona cottura nella terrazza di Cielo Stellato a Filicudi

The back garden

The entrance from the back, with a nice stone paved space at your disposal covered by a pergola with a vine plant to relax in the shade immersed in a garden planted with many trees : feijoas (Acca Fellowiana), almond trees, citrus fruits, capers, rosemary and many other plants...

cielo stellato pergolato nord (foto invernale, mancano le sedie da giardino ed il divanetto)

The view

The night view is idyllic.The following photo is beautiful and full of stars, but live you will see thousands more, and you will see clearly (just with the naked eye) the Milky Way, which you have probably never seen in the city!

The lights at the bottom of the horizon are from Sicily.

Nuit ètoilée a Filicudi!


The bathroom.

The bathroom is equipped with: sink, toilet, bidet, shower and also a radiator for the winter!
The shower with porthole is a nautical contamination! It is a real porthole of a ship that has sailed in Ireland.

Here is a wide angle photo of the bathroom, taken in July 2018.

Stanza da bagno della casa Cielo Stellato a Filicudi.

The hallway closet at the back

The back room is a hallway.
There are a couple of shelves containing kitchen accessories, towels, dishes.
Here is the refrigerator/freezer.
In winter it is used as a kitchen, while in summer we prefer to keep the fires outside to keep the house cool when cooking.

In this room there is a steel sink with hot and cold water, for washing dishes, and a small cupboard, a refrigerator, a microwave.

From the arched door visible on the left you can access the back garden and the path that leads to the driveway behind (nearby, but higher up and does not cause disturbing noises).

Cielo stellato Studio


Availability for Summer 2021:

It's still available :

from 14 June up to 20 June 2021
from 19 July up to  24 July 2021
from 12 to  31 September 2021

August 2021 is already sold out. sorry.

Price per week x couple: May 500€ ,June 600€, July: 700 €, August: 800 €, September: 800 € / 500 €. for 2 people